“New Spirituality and Practices”

This questionnaire is part of a research for the Ph.D. dissertation of a student of the Lyon 2 University (France) on the “new spirituality” (or alternative spirituality). The words “New Spirituality” are not to be understood as restrictive, especially the term “New” means “that have recently gained renewed interest”. Therefore, a “New spirituality” may be a centuries-old spirituality that has been rediscovered in the Western world (i.e. Zen or Sufism).

This personal information is asked only for statistical purposes and will NOT be disclosed to anyone, individual or organization. If you have any further question, you may refer to Jean KEMPF, Professor of American Studies at Lyon 2 University, and supervisor of the research: jean.kempf@univ-lyon2.fr .

  • 1. Personal facts
  • 2. Would you agree to be interviewed more thoroughly (1 hour interview) and in person or on the phone?
  • 3. Have you bought any “New Spirituality” product within

a. The last month □ yes □ no

b. The last year □ yes □ no

c. The last two years □ yes □ no

  • 4. What type of New Spirituality material do you buy:
  • 5. Have you practiced these:
  • 6. Have you ever belonged to any of these movements? For how long? (Please specify which one)
  Under a month 1 – 6 months 6 months- 1 year 1-2 years Over 2 years
Neo-oriental (Krishna, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Soka Gakkai...)          
Native American          
Human Potential Movement (Est, the Forum, Scientology,…)          
Neo-Christian, Pentecostal          
Magic or Pagan (Wicca,…)          
Scientific (UFOs, …)          
Neo Muslim (Sufi,…)          
New Age          
  • 7. List the books that have most influenced your spiritual life:
  • 8. Do you think your involvement with and/or attraction for the New Spirituality has made you: