Modèle d’entretien

  • Could you tell me the story of your spiritual journey ?
  • Dans le cadre d’une rencontre dans un lieu spécifique :
    Could you tell me more about this place ?
  • Dans le cadre d’une rencontre par le biais d’un groupe :
    Could you tell me about your investment in …. group ?
  • 1. What is your opinion of mainstream society?
  • 2. What is your opinion of mainline religions?
  • 3. What are your spiritual activities?
  • 4. What are the sources of your spiritual information?
  • 5. Do you ever meet people who share your beliefs?
  • 6. How would you evaluate your spiritual journey – is it a happy story, a sad story?
  • 7. What do you think is the most likely future of the planet?
  • 8. Does your daily life ever present you with challenges to your spiritual beliefs? If so, how do you go about trying to resolve these conflicts?
  • 9. What do the terms “New Age”, “New Spirituality”, “Alternative Spirituality”, “Neo Paganism” mean to you? Which, if any, is appropriate to describe your current spiritual involvement?
  • 10. What are the most spiritual places in this state?
    • In the United States ?
    • In the world ?
  • 11. Are there periods in history that are spiritually more important than others? Which ones?
  • 12. Word associations: Goddess, God, earth, dualism, mythology, ritual, magic, manifest destiny, melting pot, american, technology, evolution, darkness, dreams, self, community, life.
  • 13. Does your spiritual involvement have implications in your daily life? Does it make you take action? If so, what kind?
  • 14. Is there anything else you wish to add?