Patrick 11-02-2002

Well I was farming in Fresno, sixteen, seventeen years ago. Some friends of mine who do some work for me every now and then comes by and says hey, can I borrow a hundred bucks. I say for what? I wanna go see a psychic …

Ya right. So I knew them pretty well, and gave em 100 bucks and say here, ask for me, you know joking around.

Next day they came back and said:

- Thanks man, that was really cool. Now she wants to see you.

- What did you do? Tell her I had money or something?

- No man. She wants to see you. She starts doing these cards for me, she goes, “hmm, it’s not you. She beats them up, does them over again, and she goes: this isn’t you. You know somebody very powerful?

- No.

- Someone you’ve seen lately?

- No, just Pat.” You won’t like this, cause she said, I wanna meet him.

So I say, oh wow.

So, I went to see her. She totally blew my mind about everything, and I’ve never been the same since. Didn’t do much with it in the small town of Fresno, but came to San Diego, went to a church with a friend, and that was it, the pastor, I went to a free reading and she says,

Patrick, do you meditate?

I say No, but I think about it a lot.

She says, Oh, I’m so glad. Everybody around here is so darn serious. And she goes, spirituality is fun, people should have more fun with it instead of taking it so seriously and being in the light, and talking about dark side and this and that. God invented humor, and we ought to just have more fun with it. That’s the day I realized I really liked it, cause growing up Catholic, that was no fun. It was serious. And I didn’t think it was God’s idea. And ever since then it’s just been one crazy day after another. Nothing normal.

I was at a Seminar for writing grants. They tell you how to do it, and a couple of people that were from here, were over there. And I told them there was a pre-natal re-imprinting, and they… oh, you got to meet Dr Jo. So next day I came down here and that was it.

It was created about 11 years ago. But it was in Solona Beach. Then about six years ago it moved to here.

Dr Jo teaches past life regression the premise being that of all the problems or difficulties you have in this life is due to past wounds in past lives. That what you can see, that’s what it is, just the mere fact of seeing it, clears quite a bit of it. But then when you re-script it, make it new… say you got hanged as a cattle-wrestler, and you see that and you change it around as you’re honored as a person who saved community, then you come out of it, and that problem is gone. And so you’ve had this neck problem all your life, and it’s gone, you don’t have it anymore. Teach classes, see clients, and there’s … Dr Jo and Eleanor, who…are here in the San Diego office, there’s two people in Berkeley area, two in Seattle, one in LA. We’re trying to expand. I do the graphics for them.

They’re all sheep. They follow blindly I don’t have a very high opinion of it.

A lot of times I feel like, the more I get to know people, the more I like dogs. But then I feel just the opposite too. Depends on the day. People, or society as a whole seems to prove themselves not a very well working unit. Until you get around to churches, the spiritualist churches, or groups like the one that meets here on Tuesday night, then you feel like there’s a little bit of hope. Cause people are nice, intelligent, think for themselves for the most part more than usual.

All based in fear. There’s two ways of looking at anything, or doing anything. And one’s out of love, and the other’s out of fear. And if you’re dealing in love, pretty much everything is ok. There aren’t real rules or regulations. In spirituality, they’re aren’t any rules, except that one, there are no rules, and you can’t hurt any body, or try and change anybody. And you pretty much have to accept the way other people change, or react, in their religions. And if they’re nice, or bums, or… there’s all kind of … as long as they’re not trying to harm you, or trying to change you. Everybody’s religion is the right way. And… I used to grow wine grapes. Now there’s a commercial. People always say, red wine with meat, white wine with fish. The right wine is the wine you like. Doesn’t matter what anybody else says. If you like white wine with meat, it’s the right wine. That’s the way I believe about it. Whatever you like, fine. Religions rely on things like that. You have to do it this way, or that way. They’re all based in fear. I used to be Catholic, now I’m French-American.

I used to go to First Spiritualist Church on Sundays. And it’s a service that anybody can go. Doesn’t matter what, how you call yourself. And it’s an excuse to meet, be around 20-30 other people that feel the same way. That doesn’t matter how you feel, they all feel the same way about that. Somebody speaks about something or other spiritualist, spiritual, metaphysical, and then they have coffee and donuts afterwards. I have a few friends that are psychic. I think every day is a spiritual activity, once you get into it. When you start, you wanna buy a red glass, and you go to this store, they don’t have them, you go to another store, they don’t have them, so maybe you’re not supposed to have one. You start thinking about, there are certain signs in everyday life, reading the signposts everyday is pretty much spiritual activity. Everything is an individual message for you.

I never know what it’s gonna be. To start with it was psychics, or certain books. Someone would say her, you wanna read this? And, I’d put it down, two weeks later, everyday it would look at me, and finally I’d read it. I could read it in four hours and go, ah, most amazing book I’ve ever read. Sometimes, it’s somebody I meet in church. More and more it comes from inside. The answers are inside you for everything. I do automatic writing too. Every now and then they give me some very profound information. They never told me the lottery numbers yet. I can’t figure out why.

Ya, quite often. Interestingly enough, just… you start to recognize – for lack of a better term – the vibration I guess. You know when you meet someone that you can talk to about this or that, or you should talk to them about this or that. Usually they’re just… As you get into metaphysical, or spiritual community, then your activity starts to be centered around that. So the friends you have, have a tendency to be in those activities and go to the same places. So it comes out pretty much to be just the opposite. When you meet someone that’s not spiritual, it seems strange, and out of the ordinary.

I’m a Scorpio, and I guess bittersweet. Scorpios… Now, when I was farming you would never have heard me talking about this. I knew the scorpios like sex and that was enough, you know. Then I learned more and more about signs. Scorpios still like sex. But there’s lot deeper aspects to it than that. The sign involves death and rebirth. And that’s death of old ways, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, rebirth into new ways, you’re always turning yourself down and rising up. So there’s a lot of dying, which is really hard on you cause you get accustomed and attached to old ways, but then they have to die away and then, it’s very joyful to have new ways. But then they get old, and you have to let them go. So it gets really up and down, up and down… It’s a nice road, I think it’s easier once you realize that there will always be problems, and you greet them as challenges, then you don’t have any problems really. Cause you accept that fact. But it’s when you have a thick skull like me sometimes and you keep on thinking things are gonna be smooth always, well you’re always gonna be disappointed. It’s a pretty good road.

I don’t like being a pessimist, but I don’t know. I’ve been trying to get my artwork out to the public for a long time. You’ve seen a little bit of it. It’s a lot of sacred geometry, and… colors and shapes have frequency. The government, powers that be and all the governments, I feel are run by a shadow government, or hidden. What we see is puppets. But the frequencies of low self-esteem, despair, worry, are very much out there hidden in music, in shopping malls. So what you do, when you go shopping, is that it will make you feel better to buy things. You go out to Wal-Mart for a can of tuna, you come out with a big old basket. What’s going on? You didn’t need those things, but you know, despair, it’s pumped in through the music. My Art work, people look at it and go, wow, I feel kind of different, ok, cool. Well, I realized that it has – and I think it’s all channeled, myself – I don’t know where I learned this stuff. I was raised on a barn. I’d like to get it out there. People look at it, and it raise their vibrations by looking at it. Well, I’ll have to tell you the whole story then. I met a gentleman who built these things, back in 1930s, his name was Royal Rife. He built a microscope in the 30s that would magnify a 100 000 times, optically. And he could see the cancer ??? alive, if you see it alive, you know how to kill it, you can fix it. He started curing cancer and the government found out and said no, you can’t do that, cause too much money is being made by people who are sick. And we need all the jobs in research. So they pretty much buried him, so… but a lot of his stuff lived on. And guess what, it cures. It’s all based on frequencies. Everything from acne to [inaudible], usually in…

On the same big book, on page 169, start the colors. What you do is take out these to pads, that come out of this machine, and you put them on your butt, and you sit on them, and the frequencies pump like a tuning fork, and they raise your frequencies, like I’m talking about someone looking at my pictures, just by looking at it the frequencies enter in your body through your eyes, and they raise your frequency up. These certain frequencies, whenever you have one of those diseases, they find that you’re deficient in those frequencies, so we put them on those, 7 minutes each one, and it puts you back up. So those diseases can’t live in those frequencies. Colors do the same thing. So if you take on page 961, or whatever it says, it has the same list of frequencies except with colors on it. They would put a huge 1000 watt bulb, and they put big old yellow, or magenta, or emerald green in front, and you sit in front of it for like 20 minutes. Then they change the color, and sit in front of that, and that would do the same thing, but it took so much longer, so we just don’t have that, but no one has erased it from the list. But you can do the same with colors, it just takes too much time. When I was farming I never thought I’d leave that little town. I came here, I became a professional photographer in 6 months. I bought some keyboards, and 6 months later I was doing some background music for documentaries. I met a hypnotist, Dr Richard Bangler, a Neuro Linguistic Programming, I was his apprentice for 3 years. But 6 months after I met him, I was teaching students hypnosis, on stage with him, hypnotists from around the world. So, when I started working on computer, 6 months later, learning about frequencies was like everything else, it’s stuff I’ve known before from a past life. For some reason, I’m supposed to put it all together in this one. And all I can think of is the artwork, with the frequencies and the photography, learning about how people see each other and how our eyes work,… And you know like, when there were these attacks on the World trade center, I was so mad at our government for doing that… this Ossama Bin Laden didn’t have anything to do with that. Cause, I’m a Scorpio, and Scorpios are the ultimate detectives… We look at the obvious…

I start to see that things are not as they seem, things are gonna get pretty strange here very soon, within the next few months. The vibration of the planet is raising, because of people’s consciousness. But the ones in power right now… it’s a very delicate balance. And if they are allowed to keep going like… they have this thing now that they’re getting ready to sign in Congress for forced vaccination, and the government has complete power if you see,… They’ll get everybody afraid about a terrorist attack. My mother… my uncle has died in a concentration camp in France. He was a priest. My mother knows very much about the Nazis. And, Hitler created the Rushdike fire, which was the start of the Nazi movement. They create the problems, people have a reaction, and then they offer a solution. The solution is to take away your rights because you don’t know who the terrorist is gonna be. It’s exactly the same thing that happened with the Nazis. Only now they have a lot more technology to keep an eye on you. So, in an anthrax attack, well the United States are the ones who made all the anthrax the world has. And they’re talking about people using them against us. Well, if the threat of that happens, then they want to immunize people against it. They can make microchips so small they go through a needle now. If you do not submit yourself to the vaccination, you can be arrested and put in a quarantine camp, with no trial, no hearing, and it’s all legal. So they have 10 camps already built here in the United States. They will hold up to 100 000 people each. They’re empty. Fully staffed with guards waiting for the day. And this is coming now, if you just wanna look for them, you’ll just find them. Georgia, California has one. Ready to start taking people who disobey. They can’t kill ‘em, but they’ll be put to work for the state and… If you object, you see, if this happens, people will have no control. And then, with [inaudible] consciousness, the delicate balance is just tipping the other way. Unless people start coming to a realization sooner, then the ways that we live now are gonna have to be overthrown then anyway, so no matter what happens, it’s gonna be a very interesting ride. But I’m pretty optimistic, but one thing for sure is things are not gonna ever be the same, whatever happens. But I think we’re gonna survive. But the Mayan Calendar only goes to the year 2012. In the year 2003, next year in May the X Planet, Nibiru, is supposed to make it past… it can be seen in the sky now through the telescope. It makes it past every 3600 years, it’s a comet in the sky… Well, it’s bigger than a comet it’s actually a planet. You can look at the records for history, it’s what caused the floods, some of the stories in the Bible of fire, burning stone, stuff like that… The planet passing by. It’s one of the ways to see it. In 6 months you’ll be able to see it in the sky without any telescope. If it passes, then not much anybody can really do, just… we have to live underground or live in domes, and be in part till the world does its pole shift, to survive, don’t know. I don’t know what to believe about those things. So… Supposedly if our consciousness is high enough, then the frequency of the planet will divert it. If things happen in this world because of our government doing what they’re doing, the consciouness won’t be high enough to divert it, and that would be the best thing that could happen, it will just purge it, so… I don’t know. But ultimately, I’m pretty optimistic. Optimism doesn’t say much about how you feel, it’s just hope…

Oh, ya!

You can react or you can create. And create and react are actually the same word, except the C has been moved. So when you learn to see things correctly, most of our problems, that we bring on ourselves, which is what all problems are, are because we react, that is we act again as we did to a certain situation, instead of creating things new, when that situation happens. So whenever a situation arises, whenever I’m through reacting, and it’s not too late, then I’ll try create and make it better, and I’m trying to get to the point where I can be creating all the time. So, I’m not as angry as I used to be. I don’t get angry anymore. Of course, that’s cause I don’t read the paper anymore, cause it’s all lies. It used to make me so angry when I would see that stuff, but now I’m just a little less angry.

Quite a bit, ya.

Never heard that, but that kind of goes along with New Age, ya.

I think all spirituality is alternative.

I never understood the pagan thing.

Encinitas, San Diego in general, Southern California pretty much.

Sedona, Indian Reservations, places where aren’t a lot of people, you can feel the energy.

Well of course Egypt. Spirituality is all about energy, so I guess it’s where you can feel energy, its grid, and that would be where the ancient monuments are: Peru, some in China, everywhere there are certain spots… Where there’s no people around would be more spiritual because there’s more energy there. There are certain spots in the world that are more spiritual because of the people, than the energy on the grid, so. I’d say Sedona and Egypt, would be the first ones that come to mind. I’ve been to Sedona a few times. And in Egypt. It feels pretty good.

Well then the pessimist in me comes out. And history, if you write the word down, is His Story. It’s someone else who wrote the story. The Bible has been changed to suit whoever was writing it at the time. To help control the masses. So there’s not much I really believe, or take into account in history. I take everything about history with a grain of salt. Perhaps it’s true, perhaps not. Depends on who was writing the book at the time. And history that they don’t talk about, like Atlantis and Lemuria, I think those are more spiritual. But it’s because we don’t know about them, it’s what makes them more spiritual, the unknown.



Planet… why I was sent here, what did I do wrong?

I don’t understand that one.

Dichotomy… If there was a word for threeism, cause there’s always a third side to the story. Their opinion, my version, and then there’s the Truth. I once talk to a Guru. I asked him, when it comes time to choose in a situation, how do you choose, when you come to a fork in the road, how do you choose which path. Black or white, right/left, yin/yang, male/female, right/wrong, how do you choose? He said: Yes. When you come to the fork in the road you must take it.


And about a year later… and of course I got angry – and about a year later I was watching TV about nuclear power, they showed an atom going, and when it splits, it goes right and left. The power is right there at the split, it’s not going right or going left, the power is at the fork. Oh, that’s what he meant. When you come to the fork, you must take it. Be in balance. People who are talking about the dark forces and we must be in the light, they’re not in balance, they got too much light. People who are in the dark, like people in our government, they’re out of balance, they got too much of one side. See all these goody, airy-fairy people, they can be too much into the light, thinking their one way is the only way. I’m striving for dualism, to be right in the middle. Nothing is good, nothing is bad, it just is. Being a photographer and an artist, we deal in gray, 256 shades of gray on the monitor, or in your colors. Everything in photography has to do with light, as much as it has to do with shadows. You can’t have a good photography without shadows. You don’t live only for shadows or you don’t live only for light, you have to blend both in a very even balance. So I think the thing about duality is to teach people balance.

Good analogies, good metaphors, to live by, or to learn a few things, teach.

Ritual is about energy. When you do something over and over again in the same way, you can put more of your energy into it when it becomes a habit. Or when you know what to do, like a ritual. Same thing happens in this order, this order, this order. And you can build on the energy without having to take a lot of energy trying to figure out what to do. The steps are already set up for you, so you go through this ritual, and it focuses the energy. So ritual is more focus.

Magic is just something people don’t understand. The little hand calculators now, that are as thin as a credit card, if you had had those at the beginning of the 1900s, they’d tie you and burn you like a witch, cause it was magic. They didn’t understand it. And you couldn’t explain it to them. You know, try and explain LED screen and memory disk, what are you talking about? What we consider magic is just normal thing we don’t understand.


Confused. We lead the world in some ways, but in some ways we bring it down, and in a big way too.

It’s because of technology that we’ve had the freedom to spend more time working on our spirituality. It’s given us more time, or more freedom – not having to work all day to survive – and have more time to exercise your mind. Communication between people, to share ideas, that’s how we’ve been able to get where we are now, in our spirituality. But at the same time it’s depleting our world, making us more separate from each other. I guess good and bad point.

It’s still happening, still evolving.

Absence of light, lightness absence of dark.

Reality. Dreams sometimes are more real than this world. Dr Jo, who’ll be back tomorrow night, is the dream doctor. He’s been on the radio, to interpret dreams. I’ve learned a lot about dreams listening to him. Sometimes I like to sleep as much I can, so I can have a dream, learn something. It’s just hard to say this isn’t a big ongoing dream.

It’s just a concept.

Another concept. It’s like, we’re not separate we’re one. And that’s why self doesn’t fit in, but when you say community, that’s another concept that promotes separateness because if we’re all separate, then we all get together in a community, as if we were separate. But, community is good… Like-thinking, like-mind. On the internet, there’s a Microsoft Netscape based community and they’re made up of one or two thousand people from around the world, that you’re on a community together on the web, so that turns to be, I guess a community. Not in the old sense where you live in the same area, but mentally you’re in the same area, so ya.

Good. Beats the alternative.

Oh, ya. You can’t go one minute without it.

Every breath you take. Every person you see, you have to wonder, like when I met you, ok, where do I know her from, you know, you start to deal with past lives. Everyone you meet somehow before, you’ve traveled before in your… as a group, as part of a group. So when you look at everything like this, you wonder, ok, what am I supposed to learn, cause we teach each other things. Ok, this time I’m gonna be a French girl, and you’re gonna be someone in America. Oh, that works, and then, but you won’t meet me until say… Then we get our minds erased and it happens. Then we go back up and we talk about it. So… every day life… when you start to get into this you realize that your spirituality and learning energy and about who you are involves everything, there is no part of your life it doesn’t involve.