Deidre 12-02-2002

Ok well, first of all I was born, baptized, raised, confirmed Lutheran. And my father died when I was 12, it was a suicide actually, and I went ahead and had my confirmation in the Lutheran church, because that’s what he wanted, but a year later I became baptized in Baptist. I’d been going to a Baptist church. In fact, I was baptized the night a man landed on the moon, and because it wasn’t that important to my mother and my brother, they stayed home and they watched man land on the moon, and I went and was baptized, by myself, which really hurt my feelings, but she thought that I had already been baptized, so why should I go to another baptism?

And I of course said, well this time I got to choose what I wanted, and at that time I was a born-again Christian, and this was in the late 60s. So at that time, born-again Christians were as [inaudible] as they are now, we basically had to live by First Christian [inaudible], which is all about love, so I would go to love-ins and I would watch people so not [inaudible] everything, and I would just give’em love. And talk to them about love, and I wore a bunch of dresses, and flowers in my hair, and I guess you’d call it a hippie, that didn’t take drugs, I was high on God.

So when people say or give me a judgment now as to what I do, born again Christian for people who don’t understand my spiritual quest, I begin by telling them how I was a Born-Again Christian also, and the reason why I am more open in my spiritual views now, is because I believe that God is wiser than putting himself in a box 2000 years ago, and that’s the only information that’s come forth, I don’t believe that, I believe that there are people that are gifted with visions and messages from God all the time and ever since the Harmonic Conversions we have been given a lot of information, we’ve been given a lot of information for thousands of years, about how to live peacefully on this earth, and how to live without disease, to live healthy. So I think we’ve always had the answers.

I went from, being a Born-Again Christian, I started going into my astrology, when I was 18, and I’m 48 now, so I’ve been studying metaphysics for 30 years. I took four semesters of parapsychology at a college extension course, and I read everything about metaphysics, all the way from table tipping to card reading, to channeling, astrology, I Ching, everything. And I’ve gone to all the churches. I’ve gone to the Unity Church, and Church of Religious Science, and Buddhist, and Hare Krishna, as long as they vibrate the love of God, and that’s basically where I am. I’m not a joiner, so I haven’t joined any of the churches, but I’ll go to different churches, as well as to [inaudible], or whatever feels right at the moment, mostly I find God in nature, and that’s where I go everyday on my own, but I also go to church every day, other than my own church with God.

So… I worked on the phone lines for 6 and a half years, talking to people from all over the world, I put myself through art school, and I worked on the phone every night, I talked to thousands people, it became very stressful, because a lot of the people I was recreating the wheel with. Some of these people that called in didn’t know they had a choice in their life, like, or they were poor people, I had a lady call me from her car, she was living in her car, or a phone booth, these people called that were being abused, that I had to send to [inaudible] centers and rescue centers all that sort of stuff. So when I found out that some of the advertisement was being probably paid by the mob, or whatever, I had a very hard time deciding whether or not it was right for me to be on the phone lines but then I started thinking, there were so many people that were being helped and who was I to say where was the money coming from, [inaudible], so I did that as long as I was being supported, and that means, they first started at twenty-five cents a minute, and after five, six years, I was making sixty cents a minute, so I was making pretty good money. Then they sold and decided to go back to fifty cents a minute, at that time I quit. Because I feel my knowledge should be paid for.

Then I went to work for the Chopra Center, Deepak Chopra, and I worked for him for two and a half years, I spoke to people from all over the world, about healing and Ayurveda, and I talked to a lot of people that were dying, and people from families from intensive care and so I talked to them about spiritual and how to heal their lives and that went on about two and a half years, until they decided they didn’t need my department, so that’s basically when I went back into where I’m selling Art now.

I was in the hotel business for many years, I got out of that. I had some abuses from bosses in my work, so then again I always would go back to my spiritual quest. That was always a part of who I was. Maybe I was a little bit too naïve and many times, I really couldn’t understand why people treat people the way they do. So I spent a lot of time with a lot of sorrow in my spiritual quest, because I had a lot of losses, and I still try to make ends meet, so I chose not to do this full time, because it’s too stressful, to be in a counseling mode all the time. So I kind of start out with a real job, as they say, and then doing my spiritual work, as far as counseling, on the side, my astrology, my reiki healing and tarot and… voila.

In regards to what? Like, corporate America, or Southern California, or, what does mainstream society mean?

- Well, whatever that is to you… More like, America in general.

I think that probably,… I’ve been as far East as Chicago, and I noticed that there are a lot of more culturally sophisticated people across the country than there are here in San Diego, because of our climate, we have a lot of people that are very superficial in many ways. Like I’ve been [inaudible] twenty years, and even when there was a lot of that, when I was a tiny little thing like you, it’s very hard to figure out what it is, like there’s kind of two ways to go, either people that haven’t had a lot of trauma in their life, they’re not really speaking the spiritual answer, they’re caught up in making money and keeping up with the Jones, even though they’ll never admit it. And then the people that are more, know a little bit more about spirituality, have had some traumas in their lives, so the difference between people that have them… In fact, the people I’m working for, they’re basically, you know, have all their family members, and the daughters are best friends, the daughters’ husbands are best friends, all the kids are best friends, it’s like, it doesn’t even compute in my life. I’ve never seen anything like that. So, I would hope that would be the case, but because of that, they really don’t – they are Christians, but they you know, pretty much think what I do is out in outer space, that they don’t say anything, because they know I’m such a good worker, and they just kind of, don’t talk about it. So they know that I believe in God and that’s good enough.

I think that a lot of mainstream religions are killing people. I think that for a long, long time, when anytime someone says, “you’re going to go to hell unless you believe this way,” or anytime that people are saying, judging people to a point where they’re persecuting them, even though they say they’re not like they used to, but they really are, because of the ripple effect, where it can stop people from being the best people they can be, and they’re becoming, have inferior complexes, so they may not try to be the best they can be, and a lot of the religion does that, that’s where alcoholism comes out of, or addiction, sex addictions, or whatever, that they may say they can do and then they go make a business of it, or they’re just… Or the people that [inaudible] they believe the way they believe, and everybody else is wrong, and they’re going to hell, and it’s too cut and dry, it’s too… What’s sad about it is they really don’t know God. And that’s the sad part. And, unfortunately their leaders are brainwashing them. And then they think that we’re brainwashed. And that we work for the devil. That’s the saddest part. I’ve had that happen to me a few times, and that’s when I go back to talking about my Born-Again Christian days.

I meditate, I try to set my tone for the day every day, in my prayers at night, and in the morning I do Reiki healing, I work with my astrology everyday, and I go to workshops and whatever may come up that’s going enhance to my life and most likely to enhance others’, that’s how I found Doctor Chopra, cause I was always referring people on the phone to new information. I have worked, I saw thousands of books by referring people to books or tapes.

Books, seminars, meditation, spiritual [inaudible], friends that may recommend something that are on a spiritual path with me as well.

I think that Americans do ok for a little bit, and then I think they get back onto their old track again, and we’ve had catastrophes have brought together and we really are, I think, naturally healthy people, but I’ve been a native Californian all my life, and I’ve seen, for instance San Diego, ruined by fifty zillion people coming here and destroying our land, you know. There can only be so many people that can come into a place before it’s not that place anymore. So…

I try to breathe, and be patient, and understand there ought to be a lesson here somewhere, and not to overreact.

New Age

Ah, New Age… New Age it seems like it has kind of a bad connotation to it, it’s almost like, well here’s another, you know, alien chaser, or New Age freak or whatever, because, this information is not new, it’s been around for thousands of years.

The “New” statement, I don’t get the “New” thing.

Well, when I think of alternative, I think of alternative healing methods, like Ayurveda, you know, Acupuncture and things like that. I don’t really think of that as spirituality other than yoga and meditation goes into Ayurveda, so… But the Body-Mind-Spirit I guess is a three-fold path.

Oh, that’s like Wiccan or something, isn’t it. It’s ok as long as you’re not hurting anybody else. Well, if they believe in healing the land and all, but still that has a very fine line there, because sometimes they sacrifice animals and I don’t believe in that.

Well, I know where they used to be! But they’ve been kind of… you know, masses of people… I think Yosemite is a very spiritual place, but you have to go back away from the crowd, I go there, I’ve been there many many times, Mount Shasta, Big Sur area, anywhere along the coast in that area, and Northern California as well. Shasta’s not along the coast, Shasta’s inland… Trinidad, and up in that area.

Sedona, I’ve been to Sedona. I think that the Grand Tetons are, if you don’t go to where the commercial, like gags and all. I’ve only been as far as Chicago, so. There’s Aspen Park in Colorado, there are some places in Colorado that are really quite something, in Utah as well, Arizona is quite, pretty amazing.

I’d like to go to Macchu-Picchu, I’ve had friends that have been there, and some where overwhelmed, some weren’t. The great Pyramids… ya, Egypt. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and Italy myself, but I don’t know if it’s a spiritual place or not. Stonehenge.

I think we have spiritual awakenings. Astrology has proven that through timing with this last thing that happened which was Saturn through Pluto, it has happened… every big war happened for a reason to have a shakedown in spirituality and religion. World War II, World War I, there were ones back in Constantine time and they would have times where they would kill thousands of people in arenas but we never heard about it because the news media wasn’t as big as it is now, so the news media took so much spirit this last time that it just got out of control. Or our 9/11 episode, Vietnam was horrible… The spiritual Crusades, the Industrial Revolution.

Goddess is a woman who is very secure within herself, she’s connected to the mother earth and father sky, she is a kind person, health-oriented, not necessarily vegetarian but tries to be, also projects femininity but also has a strong male-female balance.

God is the ever-present energy of everything that lives, everything that has a life-force in the universe.

Earth is this planet that we’re sitting on.

That’s a good question, I don’t know… Believing in different things I guess.

Mythology is the myths of the Greek culture, early ancient Greece, that has their explanation of what the Gods were all about. It’s used a lot in the astroids, I don’t really use a lot of that cause I can’t remember all the stories, little too much violence for me I think.

Ritual is something that has been around for thousands and millions of years, it’s… I think it’s very important, that’s one thing I do like that the Catholic Church does, I think it’s really important because it gives a moment of sacred time, where you take the time for your mind-body-spirit to connect.

I think magic can be faithful and it can be manipulative, depending upon your intention, if you have good intentions, it’s good, and if you don’t, watch out. If you have intentions of controlling or breaking somebody’s will…

A rainbow is all the colors of the prism.

America is the land of freedom for everybody. It lets people take advantage of it, that’s what’s been happening recently, people have been taking advantage of it… It’s hard, I’ve always said I wasn’t prejudiced but, maybe I am, because when I see so many people that have been here born and raised, and then you go to the schools, or you go to clinics, or go you try to get medicine – I don’t have insurance and then I go places to where all the foreigners are there, they have insurance, and they get medical care, and they get into the schools, and do a lot of things that start to make me feel like a victim, and I don’t like that. I feel that there should be something done there where it’s a little more fair for people that were already here, they could be better taken care of.

Awesome. I think it’s a little bit overwhelming. It is, it can be so overwhelming, when you think of the millions of things that are being invented everyday that we don’t even know about.

It’s happening everyday as well. We’re all evolving.

Darkness is very… I don’t know.

Dreams are great. I think they’re a good release, sometimes they’re not thoug, sometimes they’ll make you paranoid [laughs]. Well, when you dream of negative stuff and then sometimes you try to figure out too many things, symbolism…

Self as in general, or self as far as me, or the word self?

-- Whichever is most important to you.

I don’t even know what to say… Hard to say. Can’t answer that.

Community is peace, hopefully.

Interesting. When you get older, it’s not what you thought it was gonna be, that’s for sure, but I enjoy every moment!

Generally, it guides the course of my life. Even when I’m at my other job, I try to react to people the way a spiritual person would. Otherwise, it’s guiding me because of my responsibilities of, you know, counseling people.

I think you’ve been very thorough.