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‘Katherine Torres, in her work The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, brings her personal story, the intercommunication with the guardians of the other worlds and a shaman's wisdom gathered only through travels of the inner dimensions. She provides the account of sky travels, moon-walking, and journeys on the Isle of Avalon. She presents the spiritual pathway of an ever unfolding lunar year as a way to connect with the Divine Feminine and the cycles and phases of life.
With the artistic work of Cruz, the pictorial expression of the journeys come alive. Celtic wisdom is held in the hearts of ancestors and shared with those daring enough to travel the interior world. Feminine mysteries are found in the inner dimensions of the revered Isle of Avalon. Wyse women are assembled on the island and sing heart-rendering lyrics of wisdom. Their song is the lure to enter a sacred land. They release the memory of the Goddess to the guest who takes it upon herself to come into their realm. Their music captures every heart. Their wisdom leads to self-empowerment. ’