M. Adler 814

Questionnaire distribué dans les milieux Néo-Païens. Nombre de retours : 166

Religious upbringing
Catholic 23.50%
Anglican or Episcopalian 9.00%
Other Protestant 39.20%
Mixed (Catholic and Protestant or Catholic and Episcopalian) 7.80%
Jewish 5.40%
Unitarian 3.00%
Non-religious 8.40%
Other (Greek Orthodox, the Craft, etc.) 1.80%
Religious Science, Science of Mind, etc. 1.80%
Occupation in the mundane morld (top 10 answers)
Computer programmer, system's analyst, or software developer 10.77%
Student (either college or graduate) 8.21%
Secretary/clerical 6.15%
Psychotherapist or counselor 5.13%
Teacher, professor, instructor 4.62%
Writer 4.10%
Housewife 3.59%
Typesetter, typographer, printer 3.59%
Priestess, teaches Wicca or Occultism 3.08%
Salesperson 3.08%
Path to Paganism (top 10 answers)
Feminism 18.46%
Interest in occultism or magic 15.90%
Reading books 13.85%
An interest in science fiction or fantasy 9.23%
An interest in ecology, a feeling for nature 8.21%
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) 5.64%
The result of a religious or philosophical search 5.13%
An interest in psychology 4.62%
An interest in folklore 4.10%
An interest in mythology 2.56%


Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today, Boston, Massachussetts: Beacon Press, 1986