Les autres principaux sites Internet cambodgiens

  1. Ministry of Education, Yourth and SportsĀ : www.moeys.gov.kh
  2. Ministry of Commerce : www.moc.gov.kh
  3. Ministry of Economy and Finance : www.mef.gov.kh
  4. Ministry of Information : www.information.gov.kh
  5. Ministry of Justice : www.moj.gov.kh
  6. Ministry of Tourism : www.mot.gov.kh
  7. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: www.maff.gov.kh
  8. Ministry of Foreign Affaires and International Cooperation: www.mfaic.gov.kh
  9. Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training: www.mosalvy.gov.kh
  10. Ministry of Planning: www.mop.gov.kh
  11. Ministry of Religions and cults: www.morac.gov.kh
  12. Ministry of Public Works and Transport: www.mpwt.gov.kh
  13. Ministry of National defense: www.mond.gov.kh
  14. Ministry of Woman affairs and Vetran: www.mwva.gov.kh
  15. Ministry of Social Affairs Veteran and Yourth Rehabilitation: www.mosalvy.gov.kh
  16. Ministry of Rural Development: www.mrd.gov.kh