c) Romania

Finally, an inscription, dated c. 236-238 AD, recently discovered in Sarmizegetusa (Romania), shows that the cult of Mercurius and Rosmerta was brought as far as Dacia by the Romans: Invicto Mithrae Marti Camulo Mercurio Rosmertae Q(uintus) Axius Aelianus u(ir) e(gregius) proc(urator) Aug[g(ustorum)] Ioni.887 The dedicator Quintus Axius Aelianus was financial procurator in Dacia Apulensis under Maximinus Thrax (236-8 AD) and probably at the beginning of the reign of Gordian III (238-244 AD). In this dedication, oriental (Mithra), Roman (Mars and Mercury) and Gallo-Roman deities (Camulus and Rosmerta) are invoked. The dedicator probably knew the Gallo-Roman deities from the time when he was financial procurator in Belgica and in Germania Superior and Inferior.


AE 1998, 1100.