III) Gallo-British War-Goddesses?

In comparison with Irish mythology, very little is known about possible Gallo-British goddesses of war: the data are almost non-existent and scattered. It is however certain that Celtic people venerated deities who had martial abilities and were specifically invoked in time of war, for several Gaulish sanctuaries dating from Celtic times are clearly devoted to war deities. Such is the case of the sanctuaries of Gournay-sur-Aronde (Oise) and Ribemont-sur-Ancre (Somme), excavated among others by Brunaux, who analyzed their organization and functions, and the possible religious rites attached to them. The war deities revered in those pre-Roman sanctuaries cannot be identified and remain anonymous. As Celtic people generally did not write, it is indeed impossible to find inscriptions on the sites. In view of the archaeological and ethnographic data, it is clear, however, that the sanctuaries were erected in honour of a deity presiding over war, battles and hero-warriors.