La publicité, outil du bon directeur de station d'épuration...

[La publicité, outil du bon directeur de station d'épuration...2387]

« A sewage treatment plant superintendent should encourage visitors to his plant. The plant must first be put in proper operating conditions ; then your are ready to invite Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen to visit this, their own public utility.

It has often been said that the less a man knows, the more he kicks. A person fears and criticizes what he does not understand. Because sewage treatment is here as a permanent necessity, it must be adequately supported and financed. The citizen stockholder who really pays the bills must be informed as to the why and wherefore of the plant. His interest must be aroused, his reason satisfied and his approval secured. […]

Another important phase in placing the plant favorably in the public eye has to do with even more direct publicity. The average city official is interested in the sewage works or should be. It is one of the public utilities with whose supervision he is charged. He really likes to know what is going on. Tell him of your work, your achievements and your problems. If he is acquainted with you and the work and needs of the plant, he is much more likely to support you when equipment or improvements are requested.

The Plant operator may be a friend of the editor of the local paper. He may know one of the reporters. They are always looking for news and may be able to dramatize very effectively the story of the plant, its complex processes and spectacular operating features, the large Sunday group of visitors or the out-of-town expert who dropped in to inspect the plant. » 


« Visitors, and Publicity for Sewage Treatment Plants », Municipal Sanitation, janvier 1933, p. 14. Extrait d'une communication de Lyndon J. Murphy, ingénieur municipal, service de l’Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, à la Conférence du traitement des eaux d’égout de l’Iowa.